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<p>Affinity Groups</p>

Affinity Groups

A place for changemakers, influencers, future leaders, and allies to advance HBA's mission

Get Involved. Stay Connected. Build Community. BELONG.

HBA affinity groups are self-forming member communities which center around a shared purpose, interest, identity, and/or professional aspiration.

Belonging to an HBA affinity group (or multiple!) is a free benefit for ALL HBA members. Joining will provide you with opportunities to expand your professional network, participate in exclusive virtual or in-person programs, and grow alongside a community of people who see you, hear you, and support you.

Being a part of HBA affinity groups expands my network by connecting me with wonderful, empowered women. I’ve made new friends, learned to speak up about what I want, and found inspiration to feel that I can make a difference.

Alice Hu
Supply Chain Operations Business Support, 

Ready to Find Your Fit? 
Explore Our Current Global Affinity Groups Below!

For all the stages of your career — whether you're looking to move up, move over, move in, or move out!

A haven for digital trendsetters. A place to grow, ideate, and lead the conversation on digital healthcare.

Enhancing leadership skills by focusing on the patient experience as a comprehensive core business model.

A place where members can foster a culture of physical and mental wellness to enhance performance and leadership capabilities

Giving a voice to young professionals in the HBA. Let us empower you!

Developing bold and authentic women leaders through purpose-driven programming. Giving back to our communities is our passion!

Providing HBA members in scientific roles with programs, initiatives, and resources to support career success.

We focus on driving awareness, change, and equity. Together, we work on tackling disparities in leadership advancement for women of color at all levels.

Up-and-Coming Communities

Engaging in important discussions on business topics. 

Helping current and future female entrepreneurs develop the skills, capabilities, knowledge, and expertise they need to thrive in the entrepreneurial space. 

Connecting those who work in the field of healthcare HR to solve common challenges.

Providing a safe space for LGBTQ-identifying professionals in the healthcare industry.

Male allies are members who actively promote gender equality and equity in their personal lives and in the workplace through supportive and collaborative relationships and public acts of sponsorship and advocacy intended to drive systemic improvements to organizational culture.

A safe space for HBA members to discuss the nuances of belonging to ethnic, religious, or other minority groups.

Created to support women who work in healthcare finance, this community provides HBA members with a background and/or interest in finance a place to network, educate, and grow. In today's tumultuous economic times, women will continue to play a significant role across all spectrums of change, recovery, and progress.

Interested in Starting a New Affinity Group?

Let’s make it happen.

Affinity groups are exclusively available 
to HBA members — for FREE. 

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