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<p>Career Conversations</p>
Transforming Difficult Conversations Into Empowering Dialogues

Career Conversations

Join us for quarterly virtual conversations that transcend conventional boundaries by exploring the pivotal discussions that propel leaders forward! 

Are you ready to engage with industry leaders 
and learn practical strategies to advance your career?

The 2024 HBA Career Conversations webinar series will delve into workplace conversations that leaders often find challenging. Join us to experience stimulating dialogue, gain insights, and connect with peers in quarterly virtual sessions crafted to stimulate growth and transform apprehension into empowerment.

18 January
Career Conversation 42
Mastering the Art of Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback

Dive deep into the nuances of constructive feedback! Join us for a discussion of the unique challenges women face in receiving guidance and learn how to cultivate a culture that champions feedback as a tool for empowerment.

18 April
Career Conversation 43
Addressing the Gender Pay Gap Through Salary Negotiations

Whether you are aiming to secure your own worth or advocate for equitable workplaces, join this conversation to learn strategies to navigate the complexities of pay equity and salary negotiations with confidence! 

18 July
Career Conversation 44
Managing Team Conflict

Discover the power of conflict as a catalyst for growth, explore strategies for transforming discord into synergy, and harness the potential of diverse perspectives for your team to emerge stronger and more cohesive.

21 November
Career Conversation 45
Navigating Exclusionary Behaviors

Research shows that women and other underrepresented individuals encounter exclusionary behaviors at work. Join industry leaders as they share strategies for effectively interrupting these behaviors to foster a more inclusive workplace!

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