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<p>Leadership Teams</p>

Leadership Teams

Together, we drive gender parity and health equity.

Guiding a United Force for Change

The HBA is empowering a transformative movement. With expert, diverse perspectives, our leadership teams drive innovative approaches to advancing equity. Volunteer leaders and staff collaborate seamlessly with HBA's global leadership. This united effort is fueled by the pillars of: strong networks, education and insights, research, advocacy, and recognition. 

Volunteer leaders and staff work alongside HBA global leaders to achieve HBA's mission through:

  • Strong business networks
  • Education and insights
  • Research
  • Advocacy
  • Recognition

Together, we drive gender parity and health equity.

"Being part of HBA’s United Force for Change has truly been rewarding. My trajectory as a life sciences executive has been greatly impacted by my HBA leadership experience, as well as HBA’s extensive network of local — and global — industry leaders. Get involved and make it your journey." 

Gisela A. Paulsen, MPharm, 
Chief Operating Officer, Harbinger Health, a Flagship Pioneering Company

Meet HBA's Leadership Teams

Global board members are senior industry leaders elected by the general membership. They set and guide long-term strategy to advance HBA’s mission.

Advisory board members are senior healthcare executives invited to serve a three-year term to support HBA’s mission by lending strategic counsel.

HBA Geographic Operating Boards are teams of strategic and transformational leaders with strong business acumen. They drive HBA’s global strategy within their geography to ensure the greatest value and impact.

Meet Your HBA Geographic Operating Boards:

Regional board members translate organizational direction and priorities into local goals, strategies, and initiatives.

Meet Your HBA Regional Councils:

Local volunteer leaders work together to execute chapter initiatives in line with regional strategies, creating a community-driven member experience.

Affinity Group Chairs lead HBA member communities that center around a shared purpose, interest, identity, and/or professional aspiration. Through the creation and implementation of global strategies, they deliver connection and value to members.

The global board delegates all daily management to the HBA Chief Executive Officer and her team. They support members and partners globally, delivering on the HBA value proposition.

Leadership Opportunities

Want to get involved? The HBA offers leadership development roles and opportunities for all — from early-career professionals through senior executives.

HBA’s members and Corporate Partners represent a global workforce of more than six million professionals across the healthcare ecosystem.