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<p><strong>G</strong>ender <strong>E</strong>quity <strong>T</strong>hink <strong>T</strong>ank (GETT)</p>
Who We Are

Gender Equity Think Tank (GETT)

The leading industry think tank of healthcare and life sciences companies dedicated to accelerating gender equity and inclusion in the workplace.

At the award-winning Gender Equity Think Tank, powered by the HBA, we're not just advocating for change—we're driving it. Together, our think tank of trailblazing organizations are creating systemic progress towards an equitable work environment, particularly for women who have been traditionally underrepresented and underestimated.

Our Mission: Empowering Through Unity

We represent an esteemed group of organizations, each contributing to a collective force that's rewriting the norms. Together, we're ushering in an era where gender equity is not just an aspiration, but a lived reality. Our collaborative spirit transcends boundaries, driving tangible progress and dismantling barriers that have held back women for far too long.

Why Gender Equity Matters

At the heart of our mission lies an unassailable truth – gender parity isn't just about fairness; it's a catalyst for growth, innovation, and a stronger future. By championing diversity and inclusion, we're not only amplifying the voices of women but invigorating our industry as a whole. It's more than a goal; it's a shared responsibility to create lasting change.

Our Approach: Walking the Talk

We don't just talk about change; we make it happen. By bringing together senior executives to explore the systemic and organizational changes needed, we’re developing actionable strategies based on data, insights, and collaboration to accelerate parity for women in the healthcare and life-science industries. We’re committed to fostering an environment of openness and trust in which members feel comfortable sharing challenges, as well as best practices, often leading to breakthrough insights. 

Accelerating Gender Equity in the Healthcare Ecosystem

Our Impact in Action:


Increased Executive Diversity

Collaborative companies are at the forefront of progress with 35 percent representation of women on their executive teams, outpacing the industry standard of 24 percent.

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More Women SVPs

Member companies have seen an inspiring shift, elevating the ratio of women Senior Vice Presidents from 24 percent (2018) to an impressive 48 percent (2021).

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More Women at the VP Level and Higher

Our proactive efforts have driven a remarkable 27 percent rise in women leaders at the Vice President level and above from 2018 to 2021. Contrastingly, the industry's average dropped nine percent in the same period.


Empowering Women of Color in Senior Roles

Representation of women of color in senior roles grew by an impressive 39 percent within member companies from 2018 to 2021.

Join the Gender Equity Think Tank — the first industry think tank dedicated to accelerating results in healthcare and life sciences.