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<p>HBA’s Diversity, Equity &amp; Inclusion Journey</p>

HBA’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Journey

Join us as we speak up, show up, and actualize our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Our commitment to DEI

At HBA, we're on a journey – to make diversity, equity, and inclusion not just buzzwords, but the heart of healthcare. We firmly believe the road to real equity and groundbreaking innovation runs through a truly inclusive community. Through our united force for change, we are committed to tackling the systemic challenges facing leaders in our industry and beyond. We don't just appreciate diversity, we're weaving it right into the DNA of our organization.  

Equity in impact 


45+Exceptional DE&I Offerings

The HBA’s diverse network of regional leaders and Affinity Groups delivered more than 45 exceptional DE&I offerings in 2022, including our successful Women of Color Wellness Summit.

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50 percent Inclusive Staff

Our people are our greatest strength. We have a 50 percent inclusive staff and a focus on building a Global Board of Directors with a more diverse, global representation. 

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In 2022 the HBA launched our first LinkedIn Live for Black History Month viewed nearly 6,000 times. (Another option is to include a stat on how many volunteers/members identify as women of color if you have that data.) 

Where We Have Been

For nearly 50 dynamic years, the HBA has been the driving force behind gender parity in the business of healthcare. We're not just talk—we've carved our path with an unstoppable global reach, trusted corporate partners, and a network of dedicated volunteers. 

We’ve witnessed great progress, but also the glaring gaps that still exist, especially for women of color. In 2021 we committed to embark on a course of intentional actions critical to truly realize measurable change for women of color. 

Where We Are

Since we kicked off this transformative journey, we've been reshaping our very community. From our Global Board of Directors to the heart of our organization, we are crafting an improved reality. Diversity isn't just a checkbox – it's the driving force of our United Force for Change. With backgrounds, stories, and perspectives that span the globe, we're evolving and expanding. This evolution sparks fresh initiatives like the Women of Color Wellness Summit and groundbreaking programs like HOPE (Honoring Opportunities for Partnership and Equity).

Where We Are Going

Our commitment to DEI isn't just within our community, it's a force that's shaking up the entire healthcare landscape. Your voice matters—your insights, your experiences. Help us transform an industry that is about every voice, no matter who you are. Race, gender, background, identity—we're in this together to make a real difference. 

Got ideas? We want to hear them! Your feedback isn't just welcome—it's our compass. As challenges persist, we're not backing down. We're weaving a tapestry of hope, a future where together we can power the possibilities.