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Announcing 2023 Regional Award Winners

The HBA places great importance on acknowledging and appreciating the significant contributions made by its dedicated volunteer leaders, recognizing their invaluable efforts in driving the success of the organization. With a strong belief in the power of recognition, the HBA encourages our community to regularly honor each other and our outstanding volunteer leaders.

Local awards include the LEAD award for excellence in leadership, Legacy award for sustained contributions, Everest award for success in the face of adversity, and Marie Curie award for innovation. We are pleased to honor the following winners from various HBA locations.

Midwest Region:

  • LEAD: Brooke Griffin
  • Legacy: Leslie Goss
  • Everest: Catrina Franklin
  • Marie Curie: Karen Murray

Northern Chicago Chapter

  • LEAD: Chris Shumard Sauer
  • Legacy: Heather Liebhart
  • Everest: Nneoma Okeke
  • Marie Curie: Cliona McAlister


  • Honored Volunteer: Aparna Paluri

Southwest Region:

  • LEAD: Courtney Nall
  • Everest: Carol Ricciotti
  • Legacy: Amy Whitfield
  • Marie Curie: Hanna Buro


  • LEAD: Holly Boudreaux
  • Legacy: Adriana Sanchez
  • Everest: Maime Ballard
  • Marie Curie: Jordan Wilson


  • LEAD: Tahmineh Ebrahimzadeh
  • Legacy: Alima Tchafa
  • Everest: Molly Jansen
  • Marie Curie: Sonali Pandhe


  • LEAD: Bridgette Walker
  • Everest: Rita Barr


  • LEAD: Jennifer Balsmeier
  • LEGACY: Ariella LaBelle
  • Everest: Jean Cherry
  • Marie Curie: Gina Smith


  • LEAD: Tammy Butler
  • Everest: Jennifer Ortega

Southeast Region:

  • Marie Curie: Cindy Trautman
  • LEAD: Coline Samat
  • Everest: Jessica Buday
  • Legacy: Glynda Pineres


  • LEAD: Shelby Turnage
  • Everest: Hannah Redd


  • LEAD: Megan Guhl
  • Marie Curie: Shannon Trudelle
  • Everest: Nisha Pasupuleti


  • LEAD: Erika Guay
  • Marie Curie: Massiel Nunez
  • Everest: Adriana Munoz

Palm Beach

  • LEAD: Nicole Fenghea

Research Triangle Park

  • Legacy: Cyndi Johnson
  • LEAD: Katie Collins


  • LEAD: Cindy Trautmann
  • Everest: Paige Carbon

Pacific Region:

  • LEAD: Poornima Shubhakar
  • Marie Curie: Kristen Brunson
  • Everest: Allison Marshall
  • Legacy: Shawn Andrews, Janna Jagoe, Karina Castagna, Kerry Roark, Susan Malecha

To learn more about our regional awards please click here!