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<p>International Women's Day</p>
Friday, 8 March 2024

International Women's Day

9+ hours of programming — FREE for HBA members! 

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Celebrate #IWD2024 (8 March) Around the Globe
with HBA's Regions and Affinity Groups!

Take Advantage of Educational and Networking Events Celebrating This Year’s #InspireInclusion Theme.


The HBA is dedicated to cultivating inclusive spaces, practices and systems that propel women into influential and decision-making roles. As a United Force for Change, together we are working to inspire inclusion and advance health equity and outcomes.

This International Women’s Day, we extend an invitation to HBA members worldwide, welcoming you to convene around conversations and learnings that will help us accelerate transformational leadership. 

Immerse yourself in nine hours of FREE, live global programming meticulously crafted to empower you to:

  • Recognize the unique, valuable assets you bring to the causes of gender and health equity
  • Challenge assumptions and lead courageously
  • Confidently amplify your voice and bring others on board with your vision for a gender-balanced and inclusive future

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NOTE: All sessions will be recorded and shared post-event with registered attendees.

International Women’s Day Celebration Agenda

Friday, 8 March


Time Event Title Speaker(s)
9:00 AM ET

Speak Up, Stand Out: Navigating Inclusive Decision-Making – hosted by HBA Western Europe

Take part as we celebrate the HBA International Women's Day live online to #InspireInclusion with an enlightening session on integrating inclusive decision-making into all aspects of our lives!


Heidrun Irschik-Hadjieff, Sabine Hutchison, Marc Timmerman, Sandra Von London, Katja Winter
10:00 AM ET

Fireside Chat with Erin Capra and HBA 2023 Honorable Mentor Jag Dosanjh – hosted by HBA Midwest

Hear how executives are inspiring inclusion in their organizations. Join us and be empowered to do the same in your area of influence.

Jag Dosanjh, Erin Capra
11:00 AM ET

Women Leaders in Healthcare: Encouraging Inclusivity and Innovation – hosted by HBA NY Tri-State

Women leaders are at the forefront of inclusiveness and innovation in the quickly changing healthcare industry. Their distinct viewpoints and leadership philosophies are igniting revolutionary shifts in the industry and fostering an atmosphere that is more equal and diverse. These leaders encourage inclusive cultures, which improves team chemistry and inspires innovative solutions to challenging health issues. Their dedication to lobbying and mentoring opens doors for the upcoming generation of female healthcare professionals, guaranteeing a more diverse future. We'll talk about the tactics women leaders use to spur creativity and how their vision influences healthcare as we get into the conversations.

Sarita T. Finnie, Katya Geltser, Kimberly Jones, Nipa Mody, Marcelle Pires
12:00 PM ET

Diverse Perspectives, Unified Teams: Building Inclusive Workplaces – hosted by HBA Southeast

The HBA Southeast Region invites you to join us as we #InspireInclusion and discuss the ins and outs of inclusion…when you have felt in, and when you have felt out. Our featured and dynamic speakers, Emily Dickens and Sherlonda Martin, will share their insights, strategies, and success stories of their efforts to create a diverse and inclusive environment where every voice is valued and respected. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to cultivate a culture of belonging, drive innovation through inclusivity, and truly make a difference in your organization.

Emily Dickens, Sherlonda Martin
1:00 PM ET

Unlocking Your Power: Elevating Self to Empower All – hosted by HBA Women of Color Affinity Group

This session aims to inspire women of color to recenter themselves for greater impact and engage allies in understanding how we can continue locking arms in providing meaningful support. Join us in exploring the synergies between inclusion and personal well-being, and how by prioritizing our own needs, we can become more effective leaders and advocates for change. 

Helene Lerner, Elaine Gamble, Vivian Ikupolati-Adeniyi

2:00 PM ET

Unplugged: Prioritizing Wellness in a Digital World – hosted by HBA Southwest

In this fast-paced digital era, taking a step back is the first step towards a healthier, more balanced life. Whether you're seeking a digital detox, an opportunity to hit a digital pause or leaning into utilizing technology to amplify your routine, "Unplugged" is the perfect opportunity to hit pause and invest in you. We will be having a panel discussion with two dynamic speakers to understand their view on work-life harmonization. Audience Q&A to follow.

Cara McNulty, Desiree Priestley 

3:00 PM ET

Bridging the Healthcare Gap – hosted by HBA Pacific

Kelly Hager, CEO and founder of Arras Health will discuss bridging the healthcare gap between feeling poorly and getting the care one needs through education, coping strategies, resilience building & community. Learn about how technology is being leveraged to empower users to seek health resources, coping strategies, and support while providing them hope throughout their journey. 

Kelly Hager
4:00 PM ET

Elevating Women Everywhere – hosted by the HBA Geographic Expansion Team

This session will inspire and challenge you as you hear about equity and inclusion challenges around the globe, tips from senior leaders on how to surmount them, and what the HBA is doing about it through our growth activities. Come and join our diverse international panel for an unforgettable event!

Dr. Loddie Foose, Sawori Imura, Saumya Nayak, Joanna Lim, Vanesa Honisch
5:00 PM ET

Seven Superpowers of Women at Work – hosted by HBA New England

Want to thrive in your career? Be promoted? Assume a leadership role? It turns out that there are seven key qualities distinct to each gender that serve them well. These qualities stem from how our brains are hard-wired and how we're socialized to behave as men and women in society. These seven superpowers can help women bring the right skills and mindset to the job - and help power their careers. Join leadership and gender expert Dr. Shawn Andrews as she explains the seven superpowers specific to women: transformational leadership, divergent problem-solving, communication skills, empathy, interpersonal relationships, intuition, and grit/resilience.

Dr. Shawn Andrews