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Looking to grow under the guidance of a seasoned industry leader? Join the HBA Mentoring Program as a Mentee!

"The mentees are valuable counsel for other mentees. It's not just about the mentors." 
Glenna Crooks, PhD, President, Strategic Health Policy International, Inc.

Unlock Your Potential with HBA Mentoring

Mentees enter the program with clear career or professional development objectives and a willingness to collaborate with a mentor in defining and pursuing these goals. While it's important to note this isn't a job placement service, mentors are your guides and pillars of support throughout your journey. The HBA mentoring program is entirely mentee-centric, allowing you to steer conversations and focus on the areas that matter most to you, at your own pace.

Previous mentees have included professionals from various backgrounds, such as:

  • Scientists
  • Marketing Analysts
  • Commercial Finance Managers
  • Project Associates
  • Corporate Communications Associates

Want to Learn More? 

Check out the HBA Mentoring Program FAQ page. 

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Check out a recording of a 2023 general information session.