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Tomorrow's Executives

Tomorrow’s Executives Gives a Voice for Young Professionals in HBA. 
Let us Empower You.

Who We Are 
Tomorrow’s Executives is HBA’s young professional affinity group dedicated to the professional development of men and women with <10 years of experience in the healthcare industry.

What We Do
Tomorrow’s Executives mission is to promote the professional advancement and impact of young professionals in the healthcare industry through leadership development education, skill building volunteer opportunities, and networking with peers and industry leaders.

Why We Do It
Tomorrow’s Executives started in NY/NJ region 10 years ago with the desire to give young professionals a voice and empower young professionals to use that voice to dictate their own professional growth.

Where We Are Going
By 2021 we aim to be established in all eight HBA Regions. This will be done through the activation of current young professional members and deepening the engagement with HBA Corporate Partners through their young professional or generational resource groups.

How You Can Help
Tomorrow’s Executives is in its startup phase as a global affinity group. Please check out our volunteer opportunities page to see how you can help us grow.

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