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<p>2024 Honorable Mentor Otis Johnson</p>

2024 Honorable Mentor Otis Johnson

Otis Johnson, PhD, MPA

Otis Johnson, PhD, MPA, transcends his role as a leader in the pharmaceutical industry, embodying the transformative impact of advocacy and allyship. His two-decade journey to Principal Consultant at Trial Equity is marked by a steadfast commitment to diversity and inclusion, sparked by a pivotal career moment when his competence was unjustly challenged. A female colleague's staunch defense not only preserved his credibility but also ignited his resolve to advocate for others, especially women in the workplace.

Dr. Johnson's 13-year tenure at Merck & Co. laid the foundation for his notable achievements in science, operations, and informatics, leading to executive roles at Syneos Health, ICON, and as Chief Commercial Officer at Phesi. Here, he led the commercialization of the AI-driven ClinSite™, merging business success with a passion for inclusive clinical trials. As Chief Diversity, Inclusion, and Sustainability Officer at Clario, he significantly elevated the company's Ecovadis status, embedding DEI and environmental sustainability principles into the corporate culture.

Recognized as a "Most Inspiring Leader" by PharmaVoice 100 and a top DEI Leader by Mogul, Dr. Johnson uses his advisory roles, such as being a global advisory board member of the HBA, to amplify underrepresented voices. His career, a testament to resilience and empathy, demonstrates the enduring power of standing up for others. Otis is not just a visionary in his field; he is a poignant example of the lasting change that advocacy and allyship can bring about in the healthcare industry.