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Inner Power Is Within Reach

What is inner power? 
How do you access it?
What becomes possible in life when you harness it?

20 unique and powerful HBA members from across the country explored questions through participation in HBA San Diego's newest group program, Be In Yours | A Brave Space - and the results were nothing short of remarkable. 

During this program, we created space for ourselves (a new practice for some) through mindfulness, energetic concepts, and intuition exercises. We engaged in practices that helped us identify and own our desires as well as the inner roadblocks and limiting beliefs holding us back. Finally, we gained a sense of how our ego and emotions play a role in the self-discovery process, only to find that we are often the ones that hold us back. 

Self-confidence and self-compassion can be developed by trusting our inner voice. Safe and brave spaces can provide you the accountability and support for your self-discovery journey. Although discovering your true path is a solo journey, bearing witness to the strength and resilience of other women can truly lead to your own transformation. 

In their own words, participants have gained several invaluable skills and new perspectives of themselves as a result of this program:

"This program gave me time, space, tools, and inspiration for thoughtful self-reflection, recognition, and awareness. I now understand more deeply the importance of releasing, cleansing, and creating space in order to be more whole, receive more fully, be more present."
- Rachel I., Neurocrine 

"Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith; now that I have, I am at peace with my new career choice and am excited to move forward."
- Jennifer A., Entrepreneur
"I've taken the time to focus and prioritize instead of going through the motions of life."
- Mallory F., Neurocrine 

"I am now able to calm my mind by distinguishing feelings from unrealistic thoughts.
- Elisha H., Hologic 

"I have become calmer and more present."
- Sara C., Eli Lilly

If you find yourself in a transition period in your life, or if you simply feel called to expand yourself beyond the typical professional development offerings, consider joining an upcoming offering of Be In Yours | A Brave Space. 

HBA San Diego is recreating this powerful space multiple times throughout the year for all those that are interested in taking themselves to the next level. Please email HBA San Diego VP and Program Leader, Victoria Shumulinsky, to be put on the waitlist for our next eight-week Brave Space program, or to inquire about her privately led group and individual coaching programs.