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The HBA’s Gender Parity Collaborative is an award-winning think tank of healthcare and life sciences companies dedicated to accelerating gender parity and diversity. Learn more about how the Collaborative is bringing together esteemed senior executives to develop strategies aimed at addressing the systemic changes needed to accelerate change and transform our industry

  • Industry Benchmarking: We're at the forefront of industry insights, partnering with experts like McKinsey & Company, creators of the renowned Women in the Workplace study. Together, we produce data-driven reports that fuel performance tracking and catalyze change at both company and industry levels.
  • Global Council: This exclusive annual gathering assembles Collaborative C-suite leaders and sets the stage for prioritizing potent strategies to expedite gender parity, equity, and equality for the year ahead.
  • Solutions Summits: Member company leaders converge to share best practices, exchange challenges, and evaluate proven solutions. These summits form a collaborative space for ideation, adaptation, and adoption.

Our focus includes driving change in critical areas including:

  • Advancing progress for women of color
  • Shaping the future of work after the the impact of COVID
  • Creating accountability for inclusion
  • Engaging men as allies
  • Tackling barriers at the entry level and mid-career stage
  • Ensuring data transparency

Fostering Your Company Commitment

Are you ready to be part of something extraordinary? Join the Gender Parity Collaborative and be a driving force for change. 

Four Pillars of Active Participation:

  1. Executive Involvement: Ensure C-Suite engagement in the Global Council's strategic planning and prioritization meeting. 
  2. Data Transparency: Share your company's HR/gender-related data for benchmarking, tracking, and collective accountability. 
  3. Proactive Participation: Contribute as an active think tank member, sharing, selecting, and implementing solutions. 
  4. Effective Communication: Engage in showcasing your involvement, awards, and commitment.

Join the Gender Parity Collaborative — the first industry think tank dedicated to accelerating results.