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HBA San Francisco Bay Area event recap: The Pulse of Progress: A Status Report on Women's Health

HBA Pacific Myriad event recap

It was a full house at: Myriad Genetics for the #HBASanFranciscoBayArea Chapter event: The Pulse of Progress: A Status Report on Women's Health. 

The incredibly engaging and lively discussion went on for 90 minutes but could have easily gone on for more. 

The highly passionate panelists shared updates on the progress that has been made in the areas of preeclampsia, cardiovascular health, at-home collection for pap smears, gestational diabetes and more. 

The conversation conveyed how critical #DigitalHealthSolutions are to engage women and consumers and inspire continued progress in women’s health. 

The Collaboration between #HBASanFranciscoBayArea, Myriad Genetics, DeciBio and Nucleate highlighted views and practices on #allyship and the vital role it plays in the advancement of healthcare. 

A call to action was made for women in leadership as they are vital when designing solutions for women’s health. 

#HBASanFranciscoBayArea Chapter extends our sincere gratitude to our sponsors and all who attended this amazing event. 

We look forward to seeing you at our next event!