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The HBA Collaborates With AdaMarie for an Exclusive White Paper, "Bridge Skills: The Missing Piece of the STEM Pipeline"

HBA x AdaMarie

The HBA is thrilled to announce the publication of “Bridge Skills: The Missing Piece of the STEM Pipeline,” a white paper written and published in collaboration with AdaMarie.

Together, we examine why employers struggle to retain the talented women they've worked hard to recruit and identifies the cultivation of "Bridge Skills" — the competencies that are necessary to thrive in an organization but are frequently absent from educational curricula — as a critical piece of the puzzle. Employers have an opportunity to see the long-term benefits of their recruiting efforts — if they are intentional about helping women reach their full potential from day one.

The HBA and AdaMarie have teamed up to explore the best practices that can help both employees and employers gain a competitive advantage by fostering Bridge Skills in these first crucial years by asking:

  • What challenges do women face in the transition from the classroom to the workplace?
  • Where do employers see early-career hires falling short?
  • How can employers better support them?

Download and read the white paper here.