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HBA New York Tri-State Executive Event: A Conversation With Chris Boerner

Chris Boerner NY Tristate Event

On Wednesday, 15 November, HBA New York Tri-State proudly hosted an extraordinary Executive Event featuring Chris Boerner, BMS’s CEO and the 2022 HBA Honorable Mentor. Joined by Cathi Ahearn, BMS’s inspiring SVP of Worldwide Commercial Portfolio Strategy, Chris discussed the crucial topics of gender equality, advocacy, mentorship, and the continual need to foster a culture of inclusion. 

The event commenced with an uplifting speech by none other than HBA’s CEO, Mary Stutts. Mary shared her personal experiences with the HBA, emphasizing the significance of radical hospitality and the power of creating a truly supportive environment. Her words resonated deeply with everyone in attendance, setting the tone for an unforgettable evening. 

Throughout the event, Chris Boerner and Cathi Ahearn shared their knowledge, experiences, and insights on the pressing issue of gender equality in today's world. They shed light on the significance of not only advocating for women but also providing mentorship opportunities to help them break barriers and reach new heights. Their inspiring discussion left everyone in the audience motivated and eager to make positive change in their own organizations.

One key takeaway from the evening was the pressing need to foster a culture of inclusion. It was clear that to achieve true gender equality, we must create environments where everyone feels valued, heard, and empowered. It was an evening filled with inspiration, powerful insights, and the celebration of diversity!

Shoutout to the HBA Executive Women’s Outreach team and ALL of the HBA members, leaders, and volunteers who joined and made this event possible. We appreciate you!