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Regional Volunteer Meet-Up for HBA Woman of the Year: Event Recap


In the photo (not in order of standing): Regina PrattRaca Banerjee, Katya GeltserJessica BaronLeia AkreKathleen Rietzl, Vildan Kortan, MinJu Kim, Lina LahozGuliz GulerMercedes Tarlati, and Nipa Mody.


At the 2023 HBA Woman of the Year event, which was held on 16 May in New York City, HBA New York Tri-State hosted an in-person meet-up for local members to connect! The post-event onsite meet-up was magical and it was so rewarding to meet our “3-D” volunteers from all four chapters in the HBA New York Tri-State region! New relationships were created and the seasoned ones will continue to blossom further through the in-person opportunities we create. A group of members hung out after the meet-up, leaving the hotel to get coffee and sit in a fellow HBA volunteer’s quiet office space to share more about their experiences and the HBA. Ideas spark at great events like this, as members join to discuss events such as the HBA Ambassador Program! All this innovation and connection was enabled by our post-Woman of the Year meet-up. Mingling and meeting with like-minded HBA members is where it’s at! Don’t worry if you missed this event — there will be plenty more to come!

Do you want to join the HBA? Are you a current member looking for a way to volunteer and get more involved? Learn more about local opportunities by visiting the HBA New York Tri-State region’s page