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HBA New England Marketing Department: Meet the Team

We’re pleased to introduce you to the members of HBA New England’s Marketing and Communications team.

Gretchen Murphy

Affiliation: Director, Corporate and R&D Communications, Alkermes

Position on the HBA New England Marketing team: President, Marketing and Communications

Favorite HBA moment: I was honored to be recognized as Alkermes’ HBA Rising Star in 2019.

Fun fact: I am a big baseball fan and witnessed both a perfect game and a no-hitter during the 2012 MLB season.

Bio: I am a communications professional specializing in corporate and R&D communications, with experience that spans both the pharmaceutical and technology sectors. I am currently serving as President of the Marketing Department for the HBA New England region and have volunteered in various roles over the last six years. I enjoy spending time with my husband and two sons.

Haley Chapman

Affiliation: Program Manager, Amwell

Position on the HBA New England Marketing team: Regional Director, Marketing

Favorite HBA moment: Partnering with the HBA Mentoring Program Committee to establish organizational communication strategies.

Fun fact: I've been slow traveling for the past year and have made stops in Seattle, Denver, Silverthorne, and NYC.

Bio: I lived in Boston for over five years, and I have been working in the healthcare industry for almost a decade. I attended Providence College for my bachelor's degree in health policy management. More recently, I acquired my master's degree in health communication from Boston University. In my spare time, I enjoy running, reading, and trying new recipes.

Ali Chou

Affiliation: Research Scientist, Lead Discovery and Biochemistry, X-Chem

Position on the HBA New England Marketing team: Regional Director, Communications

Favorite HBA moment: Meeting new connections through HBA virtual happy hours.

Fun fact: I can sort of write with my left hand.

Bio: I moved to Boston from Canada in September 2021. I am an avid rock climber, hiker, skier, and runner. I enjoy backpacking and camping whenever I get a chance. Although coming from a chemistry background, I have always loved visual communications design. I am a freelance science content writer and visual designer specializing in life sciences and biotechnology.

Michelle Leo

Affiliation: Senior Manager, Clinical Marketing, Haemonetics

Position on the HBA New England Marketing team: Committee Member

Favorite HBA moment: Attending the HBA Woman of the Year event in NYC and meeting members of the HBA New England region in person.

Fun fact: I’m a gourmet cook.

Bio: I’m a dynamic marketer with 20+ years of product management and product marketing experience in the healthcare industry. As a customer-focused, problem-solving leader, I’m skilled at conceiving, creating, and implementing solutions that drive business value. My unique background combines hands-on clinical experience with marketing expertise.

Uma Chandrasekaran

Affiliation: Scientific Director, Takeda

Position on the HBA New England Marketing team: Committee member

Favorite HBA moment: Attending the HBA New England volunteer social, which was the region’s first in-person event since the start of the pandemic.

Fun fact: I am an easy target for pranks by my colleagues almost always.

Bio: I am a trained scientist involved in making a difference in patients’ lives through clinical evidence generation and science communication.

Gauri Malthankar

Affiliation: Medical Director, North America, Rhythm Pharmaceuticals

Position on the HBA New England Marketing team: Committee member

Favorite HBA moment: There was a panel discussion on launch practices followed by amazing networking sessions.

Fun fact: I was in the Army National Cadet Core (NCC) in India, something like JROTC in the US. I learned a lot about discipline, teamwork, and leadership very early on in my life.

Bio: I am a medical affairs professional in the pharma/biotech industry driven by a passion to make life easier for patients. I know I can make a difference and am always looking for innovative ways to do so. I am a pharmacist, neuroscientist, artist, baker, and traveling enthusiast. I love gardening, woodworking, volunteering, and I hope to carry on the HBA’s mission.

Janet Geraigary

Affiliation: Vice President of Marketing and Sales Operations, Haemonetics Corporation

HBA position: HBA Boston, Director-At-Large, Marketing

Favorite HBA moment: Working with the HBA Boston Regional Board to create virtual round tables to help members stay connected throughout the pandemic.

Fun fact: I have completed several Pan-Mass Challenge bike rides.

Bio: I am a global marketing professional in both the medical and life science industries, driven by the purpose of improving patient and blood donor safety. I enjoy international business and working on cross-functional teams.

Anu Gaur

Affiliation: President, SYNERGY Global Regulatory Affairs Consultancy, Inc.

HBA position: HBA Waltham, Director-At-Large, Marketing

Favorite HBA moment: HBA regional events (local chapter events, leadership meeting events)

Fun fact: I am a sports fan (tennis, cricket, baseball, football) and love traveling and visiting new places (learning history and culture).

Bio: I am an accomplished Global Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance Executive with extensive global life sciences, medical technology (pharmaceuticals/biotechnology/medical devices), and healthcare commercial industry experience. I am an Associate Professor of Regulatory and Clinical Research Management and Graduate Faculty in Regulatory Affairs at academic institutions in Boston.