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HBA Canada Member Spotlight — Ariella Sax


Meet HBA Canada Member Ariella Sax

Ariella Sax is the Chief Operating Officer at Metrix. 
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Why did you join the HBA? 

I stepped into my new role as COO in August 2021 and since then I had been looking for a community of executives that I could network with. I came across the HBA Circle of Advisors and immediately jumped on board.

What are your interests outside of work & the HBA?

In the summer, I really enjoy going on bike rides with my family. I also enjoy taking yoga and Pilates classes. My favorite thing to do though is travel. Whenever I have the chance, I love to explore the world and take in all of the diverse cultures.

What is a fun fact about you and what’s your favorite quote?

Growing up, I was a competitive dancer and gymnast.

My purpose statement is: "Live your life with no regrets." I'm a fatalist and believe that everything happens for a reason. There is no need to dwell on the past — that won't get you anywhere. Instead, look ahead. Even in moments where you don't understand why certain things might be happening, there is always a reason.