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2021 HBA New England Regional Award Winners

We are thrilled to announce the recipients of the HBA New England Region’s 2021 annual awards. Thank you for your continued dedication and contributions!

The Leadership, Excellence, and Dedication (LEAD) Award is the highest honor an HBA volunteer can be given within their local HBA community. It honors a chapter or regional volunteer who has served as a volunteer for at least one year and has made a significant contribution during the current calendar year. Congratulations to Sarah Dykstra!


Sarah Dykstra, recipient of The Leadership, Excellence, and Dedication (LEAD) Award.

The Legacy Award is presented to an HBA volunteer who has consistently demonstrated outstanding service and long-term contributions to HBA over five years. Congratulations to Dawn (Petersen) Kumiega and Jennifer Lee, PhD!


Dawn (Petersen) Kumiega (left) and Jennifer Lee (right), recipients of the Legacy Award.

The Spark Award honors any HBA volunteer who has distinguished themselves through "little bursts of awesomeness" in areas such as attitude, collaboration, pitching in, consistency, leadership, and/or building community by supporting others. Congratulations to Ami Ashar-Patel, PhD, Saima Siddiqi, MSEM, MHA, CLSSBB, Crystal Shih, Ellie Eckhoff, MEd, PCC, Christy Tetterton, and Noël Theodosiou

Recipients of the Spark Award
Top row, left to right: Ami Ashar-Patel, Saima Siddiqi, and Crystal Shih
Bottom row, left to right: Ellie Eckhoff, Christy Tetterton, and Noël Theodosiou