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HBA Toronto Member Spotlight: Giusepina Pacher 

Giusepina Pacher is the Radical Hospitality Coordinator for HBA Toronto.

What is your current job title? 
Manager, Strategic Partnerships at KNIGHTLABS

Why did you join the HBA?
My initial intent for joining the HBA was to network with women in my field and learn from those in executive positions. Overall, I was interested in meeting inspiring, like-minded women who may be open to sharing their experiences moving up through the industry and any advice or lessons they learned along their journey. I was also interested in understanding how other organizations in the industry operated from the perspective of women in different roles. Following a few years of involvement, I hope to be able to support young professionals in a similar fashion to ensure that everything I learn continues to help others in their careers. 

What do you enjoy the most about volunteering?
The most enjoyable part of volunteering is the teamwork and opportunity to work with so many great minds to develop new events, collaborate during meetings and learn from one another. I believe that we should never stop learning and when you volunteer, you’re able to explore skills that you may not get to within your everyday role. I personally love volunteering with organizations like the HBA because it allows my passion for networking and hunger for knowledge to come together in one place in the most enjoyable manner. 

What are your interests outside of work and the HBA?
Outside of my nine to five and volunteering with the HBA, I enjoy escaping to nature for walks, hikes, and camping. Growing up in competitive sports, I continue to involve myself in sports by working out and cheering with the Canadian Football League Hamilton Team, the Tiger-Cats. Besides dancing and cheering, I enjoy fishing in the summer and can typically be found snowboarding in the mountains in the winter. Overall, I’m not very good at standing still and truly enjoy travel, especially with family in Europe.

What’s your favourite quote?
The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain.
What’s one thing you’ve learned recently? 
I’ve recently been reading “Money Master the Game” by Tony Robbins and learned that a strategy for investing your money that avoids the dramatic fluctuations of the stock market, is to invest in low-cost index funds. Placing a certain percentage in a different array of index funds will ensure you beat 96 percent of the world’s “expert” mutual fund managers.