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<p>Ambassador Program</p>

Ambassador Program

The solution for HBA Corporate Partners to accelerate the development, advancement, and visibility of their talent pool. 

The Global Ambassador Program (GAP) is the HBA’s premier corporate program for leadership development. Serving as a global resource for eligible Purple, Gold, and Silver-level HBA Corporate Partners, it offers leadership immersion to address gaps in current professional development opportunities. The program transcends existing ERGs, aiming to elevate women to influential decision-making roles.

The program also ‘bridges the GAP’ across Corporate Partners to:

  • Collect and share best practices on equity and inclusion
  • Foster community and connections among participating business professionals, resulting in robust HBA networks both internally and externally
  • Activate executives as allies and sponsors, enhancing their commitment as champions of DE&I and gender equity
  • Accelerate HBA’s growth in new markets

How It Works

The HBA Global Ambassador Program is a 12-month self-directed leadership development program for 15-30 emerging leaders (HBA members), embedded in the workday, office-based or virtually. Designed to accelerate their advancement, the HBA and HBA-trained volunteer Advisors will empower and guide the ‘Ambassadors’ through the development and execution of:

  • Individual development goals to ready themselves for the next step on their career ladder
  • Group initiatives for the company, which empower the Ambassadors to explore their leadership potential in new ways and result in positive impacts and benefits across the organization

The Results

For the Ambassadors:

  • Significant cross-functional exposure
  • Visibility
  • Confidence-boosting autonomy 
  • Customized leadership development
  • Accelerated advancement 

For the Company:

  • An engaged HBA Community internally
  • Customized task force for strategic priorities
  • Showcases inclusion initiatives
  • Positive impacts from group initiatives
  • Develops, diversifies, and retains talent

Since 2012, the HBA Ambassador Program has expanded to over 50 programs across the globe and impacted the development of thousands of individuals.

What sets the HBA Global Ambassador Program apart?

Watch the video below to watch a recent HBA GAP informational session.

Remote video URL

Click here to download the presentation deck.

Ready to get started? The HBA launches Ambassador Programs during designated launch windows each year. The next launch windows are listed below, along with deadlines to submit your intent to launch via our Activation Form. Please use the GAP Activation Toolkit to guide you through form submission.

Fall 2024
Deadline for Activation Forms: 30 June

Interested in learning more about the HBA Global Ambassador Program? 
Join us for one of our next live info sessions:

31 May at 9:00 AM EST

6 June at 7:00 AM EST

12 June 11am EST

January 2025
Deadline for Activation Forms: 31 October

Click here for supplementary program information to ensure full understanding of the program.


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