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<p>International Day of the Girl</p>
Wednesday, 11 October 2023

International Day of the Girl

8+ hours of programming — FREE for HBA members! 

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Join HBA regions from across the globe to Power the Possibilities for today’s youth. With each generation, we get closer to achieving gender equity. Yet, per The World Economic Forum, it will take another 132 years to close the global gender gap. 

How can we equip the next generation of young women in healthcare to position themselves for success and advancement, while working diligently to advocate for gender equity? 

You’ll hear of experts in the field, as well as two young girls organizing a non-profit and business in their free time. We have something for everyone, and we hope that you’ll have discussions with the young people in your life about what the future of healthcare can look like – if only we commit to making an impact together!

Schedule of Events

9:45 AM ET – North America Operating Board Welcome Remarks

10:00 AM ET – HBA Canada 
The Six Secrets of High Performance
During Lora's session on The Six Secrets of High Performance, she will begin with what high performance is and how high performers are different. She will share how productivity, people, psychology, physiology, presence, and purpose, the six secrets of high performance, affect your performance ability including what questions you need to be asking yourself in these critical areas to start your journey to become a high performer at work and in life.


Triple Certified High Performance Coach, Certified Positive Psychology Coach, Certified Advanced Executive Coach & Facilitator, High Performance Leadership Expert

11:00 AM ET – HBA NY Tri-State 
A Brighter Future for Healthcare: Closing the Gender Pay Gap
Are you interested in setting up initiatives at your company, or are you joining the job market in the near future? Come hear from the people who are actively working to address pay disparities to help you set up initiatives now, get the salary you deserve, and create a brighter future for the healthcare industry as the next generation joins the workforce.

Speakers include:

Peg HBa
Elizabeth Mutisya hba
Chair Emerita, HBA, and CEO
Tala Group
Neetu Sangari HBA
HBA Mentor, HBA NY Tri-state Tomorrow's Executives Regional Liaison, and Advanced Data Science & Analytics, Director (Submissions & Standards)
Charlotte Sibley HBA
Independent Board Director, Previous HBA Woman of the Year and HBA President
Alvine Tremoulet HBA
Past HBA Paris President, and Director - Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion leader

12:00 PM ET – HBA Southeast and HBA Southern Europe
EmpowHERing STEM: Inspiring Girls to Soar in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics 
Join us for an inspiring program aimed at empowering girls to explore the exciting world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). STEM fields have traditionally been male-dominated, leading to a lack of diverse perspectives. Introducing girls to STEM helps bridge this gap, fostering a more inclusive and well-rounded workforce. Let's come together to shatter stereotypes, foster confidence, and pave the way for a brighter, more equitable future.

Speakers include:

Kasey Ashton HBA
Director of Wake Invests in Women
Wake Technical College
Denise Cutillo
VP, Genetic Counseling and Services
Tamika Ray-Head
Founder and Executive Director
Pink S.T.E.M

1:00 PM ET – HBA Midwest
Leading With Wisdom: Reflections to My Younger Self as a Woman in Leadership
There is nothing better than gaining insight from others who have experienced the many ups and downs that occur throughout a career and life. During this event, we will hear from a diverse panel of women in leadership as they reflect upon their past and advise their younger selves. We are looking forward to our female leaders sharing their wisdom so we can put their many learnings into practice!

Speakers include:

Dorothea Anderson hba
Operational Excellence
KBI Biopharma
Meg John
Colorado Bioscience Institute
Angie Keister HBA
Founder and President
Attune Collective
Melanie Neal hba
VP, Global Commercial Excellence
Terumo BCT
Vinessa Pearson HBA
Executive Chief of Staff
Bea von Seckendorff HBA
HBA Tomorrow's Executive Affinity Group Chair

2:00 PM ET – HBA Southwest
Illuminate Your Path: Navigating Self-Promotion and Visibility in the Workplace
Join us for a transformative one-hour global education event as we celebrate and honor the International Day of the Girl. Empowering young girls and women worldwide, this event aims to provide tools and strategies for confidently navigating the professional world. Through inspiring stories from accomplished female leaders and interactive discussions, attendees will learn to embrace self-promotion, cultivate visibility, and advocate for themselves in their careers. Join this inclusive virtual gathering to foster a strong global support network and empower the next generation of female leaders to create a brighter, more equitable future in the workforce and beyond.

Speakers include:

Sara Largay
VP, New Product Launch & Business Insights; Transplant Franchise Head, US Rare Disease Business Unit
Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc.
Carla Lema Tome
Search and Evaluation Lead, Business Development - Neuroscience, Ocular, and Platform Technologies
Spark Therapeutics

3:00 PM ET – HBA Pacific
How Two Entrepreneurial Girls Are Changing the World Through Their Love of Family, Charity, & Business
Manisha Beriwala started an organization “The Corporate Diwali (“TCD”) which is building a diverse inclusive community with core values of connection, culture, and celebrations. They celebrate the 2500-year-old Diwali festival & International Women’s Day through global retreats, Gold Diwali gala and events. Manisha’s two daughters, Ivanka and Alyona (aged 13 & 5 at the time) started the Philanthropic Arm of TCD to raise funds and food donations for various local Homeless Shelters in the NY metropolitan area. The Corporate Diwali Giving is a not-for-profit - youth-led, diverse, community service organization. It is a platform to serve & commemorate our loved ones by uniting diversity through food. T.C.D. Giving makes home-cooked, vegetarian, and Indian meals every Diwali and Thanksgiving (but has now expanded nationally). Younger sister, Alyona, also started her own perfume line “Aly’s Scents,” inspired by her love of scents and her interest in business. Learn how two young girls are making their dreams a reality.

Speakers include:

Manisha HBA
CEO and Founder
The Corporate Diwali

4:00 PM ET – HBA Mid-Atlantic
Owning Your Professional Development
In today's ever-changing workplace, it is more important than ever for professionals to take ownership of their own development. By investing in yourself, you stay ahead of the curve, increase your chances of success, and are more productive in your current role allowing you to get ready for your future role. Developing new skills and knowledge increases your value and opens you up to opportunities that can help you to advance your career. When you invest in yourself, you are sending a message to yourself and to others that you believe in yourself and your abilities. 

Speakers include:

Rachel Kuhlen HBA
Founder, Author, Speaker, Coach
Realize You Coaching

5:00 PM ET – HBA New England
Raising Our Self-Awareness to Build an Inclusive Workplace
In our fast-paced, rapidly changing world, it can be difficult to engage in self-reflection and maintain high levels of self-awareness. Thinking deeply about ourselves when we’re feeling pressure to meet our personal and professional obligations can feel like a luxury we can’t afford. But an authentic commitment to raising our self-awareness not only empowers us to maximize our performance; it can also transform our workplaces in powerful ways. While we tend to believe that responsibility for inclusion and belonging lies with the executive team or HR department, in fact, each one of us, regardless of tenure or title, owns responsibility for the workplace experience. This responsibility begins with raising our self-awareness to better understand who we want to be and how our behaviors affect those around us. It also includes applying intentional strategies to manage our interactions in ways that prioritize psychological safety and inclusion.

Speakers include:

Kim Meninger
Leadership Coach and Consultant
Human-Centered Leadership