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2015 Carol Wells

Carol Wells named as 2015 STAR (Strategic Transformation Achievement Recognition)

The Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) named Carol Wells, senior director of commercial training and development at Genentech, as its 2015 Strategic Transformation Achievement Recognition (STAR).

Each year, the HBA honors a STAR who stands apart as a truly exemplary role model who has demonstrated a long-term commitment to the HBA’s strategic goals of advancement and impact of women in healthcare worldwide.

Carol was an early member of the HBA San Francisco Bay Area chapter and has played a significant role in driving and supporting the chapter’s growth. She served as president of the chapter in 2011 and 2013. “It has been wonderful to see the chapter really come into its own. We have a deep bench of volunteers, a robust board of directors, and many new exciting members joining.”

Carol’s contributions to the HBA extend beyond the San Francisco Bay Area chapter. She was instrumental in launching the Woman of the Year - West, a celebration of the HBA Woman of the Year event held in San Francisco via a connected video link to the event in New York City. In 2011, Carol was honored with the Council of the President’s Award through the HBA.

When describing the impact of the HBA, Carol emphasizes the opportunities the HBA provides “to grow and develop through networking and mentorship with amazing women in the healthcare field.” Carol’s extensive HBA network has been helpful in hiring talented women at Genentech and been a strong support system for her both professionally and personally. “You get to know people at different phases in their career and have the opportunity to support people going through transitions professionally and personally, said Carol.”

Thanks to Carol’s leadership, Genentech has hosted at least 12 HBA San Francisco Bay Area chapter events per year as well as two global board meetings. As evidence of her leadership impact, Carol was awarded the 2014 Genentech Women’s Professionals Group (GWP) Developer of the Year award and is a member of the executive committee of the Life Sciences Trainers and Educators Network (formerly the Society of Pharmaceutical and Biotech Trainers) and served as president in 2012 and 2013. Carol was also named one of the PharmaVOICE’s Top 100 Most Inspiring Individuals in 2009.

Upon accepting the HBA STAR award, Carol stated, “The HBA has provided me with the opportunity to pay it forward by helping the growth and development of other women. I have been lucky to have people help me in my career and now I feel it is important to help those that are up and coming.”

When asked about the future of the HBA San Francisco Bay area chapter, Carol says, “I want to see many more people benefit, like I have, from the HBA. I want to see us do more to support women in scientific and technical roles and expand our reach to include field representation at HBA events across the U.S.” She also wants the HBA to expand its business reach and “be more influential with companies.” Carol first heard about the HBA from Genentech and credits Ian Clark for championing the HBA at Genentech by engaging in discussions with the HBA executive committee about the issues women are dealing with. Carol stated, her vision is for “the HBA is to be a catalyst for companies embracing diversity.”

She has brought best practices from the HBA to Genentech and vice versa, providing Genentech employees opportunities to engage with the HBA and continue to develop and network. Carol’s ongoing commitment to mentoring aligns with the HBA’s goal of supporting the development and success of women by providing opportunities to lead from every seat.

Above all, Carol loves being part of an organization that is true to its roots. “It is so refreshing to see women supporting other women in this way. Women are stronger together and the HBA supports that in a genuine way, said Carol.”

Read the text of Carol's speech at the 2015 Woman of the Year event on the HBA blog.

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