b'infinite hope.H B AS D I V E R S I T Y , E Q U I T Y , A N D I N C L U S I O N J O U R N E YAS THE HBA CONTINUES OUR JOURNEY TO FOSTER GREATER INCLUSION IN OUR INDUSTRY, our community is laser focused on walking the walk.HBAs Global Board of Directors includes a more diverse, global representation. Our staff is comprised of a 42 percent inclusive team, and now boasts a Chief People & DE&I Officer. In this New Era, our network of regional leaders and Affinity Groups have helped deliver exceptional offerings 5 3 registrants DIVERSE COMMUNITY3, 4 total CELEBRATING OUR throughout the year including our Women of Color Wellness Summit.at 46 DE&I events178 WOC WELLNESS SUMMIT attendeesHBA launches first LINKEDIN LIVE forBLACK HISTORY MONTH viewed nearly 6,000 timesCelebrating Inaugural 16 MENTORS AND SCHOLARS Cohort Completion completed inaugural program7.'