b'outreach.OUT AND IN FRONTthat was the place the HBA aimed to be in 2022, and our network was extremely supportive in making it happen. Our social media visibility continued to flourish with our LinkedIn community hitting new heights. Our thought leaders and expertise were out there, in the media, and at conferences on global stages, generating more brand visibility than evertake a look at the numbers!105,677 25More than %increase OVER 2021on our COLLECTIVE (CENTRAL AND REGIONAL) SOCIAL NETWORKS.45KGender Parity followers CollaborativeP O W E R E D B Y T H ETHE HBA LINKEDIN CHANNEL posted GENDER PARITY COLLABORATIVE:76 videos with a total of 91,905 views.LinkedIn community growth up 21 percent.Highlights of Media Visibility 1,932 MEDIA MENTIONS (28%over 2021) and on the StageT L R O P E R A B U N N A A H2 2 0 2'