b'members.IN THIS NEW ERA OF LEADERSHIP, the HBA experienced a new era of growth in our membershipnot only in number but also via a broader global footprint. Forever changed by events of the last two years, our United Force for Change leveraged a tenacious adaptive resiliency that helped expand our presence to support a growing global network of industry women and leaders.15,176In 2022, the HBA hadtotal members in79 countries6+28+30+27+4+5132 % Members by role: N/A 5.74% VP (all levels) 5.68%Manager(all levels) C-Suite, growth in European 26.78% Owner, Principal members (1259 to 2924) 4.24%400 Individual Director%Contributor (all levels)growth in APAC (85 to 427) 29.56% 28.01%T H A A N N U B A R E P O R L Overall,84% of members report they increasedtheir skills and insightssince joining the HBA.2 2 0 2'