b"welcome.ILLUMINATING OUR IMPACT INA NEW ERA OF LEADERSHIPIn 2022, the HBA continued on a journey of change and transformation, responding to the needs of our community while trying to keep pace with the ever-changing world at large. It was a year to embrace a new era of leadership, leveraging the learnings from the previous year to propel our momentum forward. Inspired by our new era theme, the HBA established an organizational vision (see opposing page) to serve as a guidepost for a future aspirational state of where we want to go. The vision articulates our belief that by elevating women into positions of key decision-making in healthcare, collectively, we have a much better opportunity to influence health equity, which ultimately will lead to better health outcomesa shared goal of our industry. Speaking of outcomes, within the pages of this Annual Report, you will find a wealth of data points that convey the impact and achievements of our network. While I might be a bit biased, as a 2022 HBA Global Board Member, and today as HBAs CEO, I cant help but be impressed by what we accomplished last year.These pages illuminate the solid foundation we have fortified and are continuing to reinforce to support women in the healthcare ecosystem, and to build a robust pipeline for the future. We are eager to work in tandem with the industry and our partners to yield tangible solutions in 2023, and beyond. I encourage you to take a few minutes to read the report and pause to reflect on the story the numbers tell. To me, it speaks to the incredible force we have become as a community of advocates, not willing to settle for the simple nor the easy. Together, we leaned into authenticity, flexibility, empathy, compassion and radical hospitality. These characteristics traditionally personified by female leaders and our network of healthcare heavyweights are now defined as valuable leadership qualities for all. Thank you for your continued support and generosity,Mary Stutts, CEO, Healthcare Businesswomen's Association"