b'partners.THE HBA UPDATED OUR MISSION IN 2022 AND ESTABLISHED OUR VISION. This evolution aims to better align with our Corporate Partners, so that together we are in sync to advance equitable practices, have a more inclusive healthcare focus and shift from parity to equity. Perhaps nuances to most, but to our community, this shift unites our network of partners worldwide, large or small, domestic or global. After all, we are a United Force for Change.COMPANIES* THAT TOOK 4,456,430 178ADVANTAGE OF SHARINGUNLIMITED MEMBERSHIPSWITH THEIR EMPLOYEES:Bayer AGBristol Myers Squibb MEMBERS OF THE RISING STARS &Eli Lilly and Company LUMINARIES: Novartis Corporation GLOBAL WORKFORCE LARGEST CLASS EVEROtsuka America represented by ourOur partners celebratedPharmaceutical, Inc. 169 Corporate Partners. 94 Rising Stars andPfizer Inc. 84 Luminaries.Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Inc.The HBA Garners the Spotlight for Our Corporate Partners(The few highlights below represent dozens+ of placements.)Nearly 4,000 views 3,076likesT H A A N N U B R E P O R L A BRISTOL MYERS SQUIBBSYNEOS HEALTH2022 HBA Honorable LinkedIn Live with MICHELLEGSKMentor CHRIS BOERNER, KEEFE, CEO, Syneos Health,HBAs Most Popular Post of Chief Commercializationand HBAs Wendy Whitethe Year Highlighted GSK Officer, Bristol Myers Squibb Captured Nearly 4,000 Views CEO EMMA WALMSLEY*Purple+ Partners Unlimited Launched in 20222 2 0 2'