b"community.WE DONT KNOW WHAT FRONTIER IS NEXTbut we know it will require leadership unlike anything weve seen beforewe know the world will need our collective powerit will require us to truly work togetherWords from Ashlee Haze, the spoken word performer who opened HBAs Annual Conference. Words that came to life during the 12 months of 2022 as our community showed up, spoke up, and was present for each other, at events big and small, in person and virtually. You can read Ashlee's full lyrics on back cover.mentoring program35,718 241 82735,718 TOTAL REGISTRANTS EUROPEAN LEADERSHIP MENTORING PROGRAM at 400+ EVENTS in 2022 SUMMIT: 241 attendees, participantsFOUR continents represented % 840 1,36021 ANNUAL CONFERENCE:WOMAN OF THE YEAR A A A N N U B H R E P O R L T increase in AFFINITY GROUP participantsattendees on site (sold out),attendees in NYC (sold out), SEVEN groups with arepresenting more than 1,800 virtual tickets sold,total of 2,183 members 100 companies from over 3,100+ industry leaders 12 different countriesrepresenting 284 companies from 20 countries2 2 0 2"