b"volunteers.COMPASSION, EMPATHY, FLEXIBILITY, AND RADICAL HOSPITALITYcharacteristics now defined as valuable leadership qualities in this new era, and without question, the attributes personified by our exceptional volunteer leader network. In 2022, their impact has been game-changing. From the global and Advisory Boards to our regional and chapter leaders, these HBA advocates have contributed immeasurably to our missionjust take a look at the data below:901 87 % 94%volunteers increase in three years volunteers who attribute 2022 VOLUNTEERS BY REGION 80 HBA engagementincreased skills to theirEurope253 %Pacific184NY Tri-State116New England75Southeast75Midwest60 of volunteersMid-Atlantic50 attribute theirSouthwest44 career progressionCanada33 to engaging withAsia-Pacific8 the HBA India3GRAND TOTAL901NATIONAL VOLUNTEER WEEK 17-23 APRIL 202249% increase in trafficto HBA's National Volunteer Week (NVW) landing page from 2021.top posts from NVW 20223."