b'partnersPartner (def) a person or entity associated with another in a shared endeavor or action.In a year focused on differences, it was encouraging to witness how HBAs myriad partners came together to share common goals and work toward a collective mission. Whether through our corporate partners financial support or the enhanced opportunities for visibility via our media and marketing partners, together our effortsO U R C O R P O R A T E S E N T had an infinite impact driving a more equitable workplace in healthcare for ALL women.Our Corporate Partners Proudly Recognized P A R T N E R S R E P R E145 A W I D E R A N G E T O F S 1%the 2020 Class of Rising Stars and Luminaries.I N D U S T R Y S E C O RAcademic/Education Association/Not for Profit1%Biotechnology15%RISING STARS AND LUMINARIES FROM Clinical Research Organization3%97 OF OUR CORPORATE PARTNER COMPANIES* Consulting14%Diagnostics3%Legal/Compliance1%Manufacturing1%Market Research1%Marketing/Advertising/PR10%OUR ASSOCIATIONS NEARLY Medical Devices6%150 CORPORATEMedical Education1%PARTNERS Medical Services Organization1%Other2%REPRESENT A WORKFORCE OFPharmaceuticals33%5,004,462 Pharmacy1%Publishing/media1%Technology/Data Services5%GRAND TOTAL100%*See page 17 for HBAs list of nearly 150 corporate partners.8'