b'membersHBA members embraced our 2020 Amplify Your Leadership Vision and Voice theme collaboratively taking on the challenges of a most unpredictable year. From around the globe, our committed community of 10,000+ members spoke up and showed up to support and advocate the long overdue movement toward BIPOC equity in the workplace. And their impact was relentless with these women and men demonstrating exceptional leadership acumen helping peers, patients and the world at large address the worst pandemic in modern history. + MEMBERSHBA MEMBERS ARE IN GOOD COMPANY10,000+ +R E P R E S E N T I N G 1,000 A N D 40COMPANIES COUNTRIES3,000 MEMBERS BY INDUSTRY SECTOR 50%PharmaceuticalsBiotechnology 15%Consulting 7%Medical device/diagnostics 6%N/A, blank 6%DISCUSSION POSTS Other 6%IN OUR HBA Industry services 4%Life sciences 4%MEMBER-ONLY Medical delivery 1%COMMUNITY Managed care 1%44'