b'communityOur community stepped up and showed up for each other with several best-ever results as youll see below. At the local level. At the global level. We came together to be there and be present. While COVID-19 forced a years delay to our signature Woman of the Year event, our community rebounded with the first-ever record-breaking Illuminate event spotlighting extraordinary leaders during the most extraordinary times.600 32,579 virt d s of experiencesREGISTRANTS GLOBAL EVENTSAmazing job! Seamless. AppreciateMENTORING PROGRAMSthe different level EIGHT REGIONSand interactions. Love that I can goWITH 800 dar t t six months and cePARTICIPANTSback to conference sessions that were impactful for nexlisten againwhat value!I prefer theual options that have+become stanb nt . I have attended500many more eve s and surprisingly even enjoyed e ter networking sin W E B I N A R Smost of this is happening online. 12'