b'infiniteIN 2020, WE LEARNED WE MUST NOT LOSE INFINITE H hopeOPEAll of us were impacted, stunned, disappointedand many in our HBA communitypersonally affected by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the racial inequities and injustices happening before our very eyes. In looking back, we have also been witness to the very extraordinary progress and change our industry and our global network is driving, and in many cases, accelerating at a lightning and unprecedented speed.While 2020 delivered its share of finite disappointments and loss, we came to learn that as Dr. Martin Luther King advised, We Must Not Lose Infinite Hope.As we transition from 2020, we want to salute hope and the promise it brings. It is most appropriate then to take the opportunity to give well-deserved attention and shine the light on the HBA community for the impactful change they have drivenand continue to driveduring one of the most extraordinary years in our history. We are honored to be in the company of our pioneering corporate partners who are developing, producing and distributing life-saving pandemic interventions and vaccines.We are proud of the opportunities our members embraced to create an open and safe space to reflect, listen and engage in transparent, and often uncomfortable conversations, with our colleagues of color. In doing so, we have begun the long journey toward dismantling practices that promote racial and ethnic biases and obstacles in our workforce. Throughout Illuminating Our Impact, we have integrated commentary and dataand impactful highlights on the next pageabout how the ubiquitous issues of 2020 not only challenged the HBA community, but how this United Force for Change chose to rise to the challenge and focus on infinite hope. 18'