b'volunteersThe It Takes a Village adage accurately describes the extraordinary amount of support that our 600 plus volunteer leaders contribute annually. But in a most extraordinary year, these HBA ambassadors led the charge with a herculean effort keeping the HBA ship afloat, supported and sustainable for the future. We are so incredibly appreciative of each and every volunteer, from the global board of directors setting HBAs overall strategic direction to the leaders supporting the HBA on the ground (and virtually in 2020) in our 55 locations worldwide.S 58 V O L U N T E E R O N +600% PA R T I C I PAT I B Y9I N C R E A S E DVOL UN T EER L E A DER 5 8 % O V E R 2 0 1MEMBERS WHO VOLUNTEER WITH THE HBA ARE TWICE AS LIKELY TO:Move into Include HBABe nominated inReceive invitations Secure a new area/activities in their and/or received a to speak, present, promotion function/performance company award write or publishdepartment reviews95+5 RETAINED 8695 %%OF VOLUNTEERSOF VOLUNTEERS SAID THE HBAIN 2020 CONTRIBUTED TO THEIR CAREER GROWTH6'