b'M M B E R SM EIN 2021,HBA members continued to illuminate the way for ALL women in our workforce around the globe. Our nearly 10,000 members helped seed our United Force for Change impact in emerging locations boosting HBA representation to 76 countries. With an appreciation for the belonging and inclusion innate to HBA membership, our network actively engaged to share perspective, advice, and support particularly as world events made for challenging times once again.9,537 T O TA L MEMBERS30+24+26+6+9+5 R S H I P M E M B E R S B Y I N D U S T R Y S E C T O RMEMBERS BY ROLE TITLEPharmaceuticals 52%C-SUITE, OWNER, PRINCIPAL6% OTHER5%Biotechnology 17%VP (all levels)9%Consulting 6%Medical device/diagnostics 8%DIRECTOR (all levels)30% Other 7%MANAGERIndustry services 4%(all levels)24%Life sciences 4%INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTOR26% Medical delivery 1%Managed care 1%78 O F M E M B E T H AT S U R V E Y R E S P O N D E N T S % R E P O R T E D T H E Y A C H I E V E D O N E O R M O R E P O S I T I V E C A R E E R O U T C O M E S S I N C E J O I N I N G T H E A S S O C I AT I O N4'