b"Change E N T SA GGOING INTO(another year) like no other, the HBA was fortunate to keep company with exceptional change agents. We salute these workplace equity champions for all their contributions including our Woman of the Year and ACE Award honorees, and Laurie Cooke, our now CEO Emerita, and She-Ro, who retired in 2021, after 15 years of dedicated leadership. 2021 WOMAN OFTHE YEAR HONOREESWith the pandemic limiting in person events, Rod, Sandra, and Susan were honored by a small but appreciative audience in New York City. Virtually, thousands in the HBA network convened to celebrate the work of these influential advocates.Dr. Rod MacKenzie, Honorable Mentor, Dr. Sandra Horning, Woman of the Year, Susan Torroella, STAR2021 ACE HONOREES MERCK'S WOMEN'SNETWORKHBAs Advancement. Commitment. Engagement. (ACE) Awards recognize companies committed to ensuring that gender diversity and leadership opportunities for women are part of their organizational DNA. OTSUKA'S NETWORKOF WOMEN (NOW)20"