b"Infinite HopeH B A ' S D E & I J O U R N E YTHE HBAhas been advocating for workplace equity for women for more than 40 years. While equity for ALL women has been a common and familiar theme of discussion, it wasnt until late 2019 that we moved from talking to taking action to support our women of color and cultural ethnicities.After the launch of our Women of Color Affinity Group in 2019, we continued to build out our DE&I framework, resulting in noted changes and tangible offerings. Our Advisory Board, Global Board of Directors, and staff became more representative of our global stakeholders. We rolled out new offerings including our Women of Color Wellness Summit and the HOPE program.And together, our community has continued to create an open and safe space to reflect, listen, and engagenot only in conversations but in actionable, concrete solutions to remove racial and ethnic biases and obstacles in our workforce.This is our path forward to Infinite Hope.Transparency and accountability are integral to our DE&I Journey so we got visible and vocal with the launch of our microsite. Info and updates on our related initiatives live hereand are also communicated via multiple channels like social media and the Community.OUR NET WOR 2TO LISTEN, LEARN, AND SUPPORT4 K MET OFTENDE&I RELATED EVENTS16"