b"C O L L A B O R A T I V ECITS BEENsaid that you cant improve what you dont measure. Metrics have been integral to the very foundation of the Gender Parity Collaborative and the data below showcase improvements resulting from that committed accountability. While Collaborative companies acknowledge there is still much work to do, especially for the BIPOC workforce, the numbers show positive trends. With three years of momentum powering this consortium, these influential companies are defining the way forward, raising the bar, garnering visibility, and reaching others with a powerful message about workplace equity. 1COLL ABORATIVE EVENTS ITS ES 40+35+16+9AT TENDEES' CAREER LEVELS1GLOBAL COUNCIL C-SUITE, PRESIDENT,SENIOR MANAGER9%OFFICER16%2 SOLUTIONS SUMM25 COLL ABOR ATIVE CAF SENIOR VICE 5PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT, HEAD 35%TOPICSEXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, The Future of Work: Ensuring Gender Parity SENIOR DIRECTOR,Progress Continues in a Post-COVID World DIRECTOR40%Globally Advancing Women of Color& Cultural EthnicitiesCOLL ABORATIVE MEMBERS10"