b'OUR Nearly 500 volunteers support VOLUN the HBA. At the chapter level. The regional level. And the global level. These engaged members deliver significant TEERS impact not only for the HBA, but just as importantly for women in their workplace and within their broader communities and networks. We are so very proud of our volunteers across the globe who are stellar ambassadors of our United Force for Change. 70 say serving as I AT E S i n c e j o i n i n g%a volunteer hashelped themD E M O N S T RL E A D E R S H PS K I L L St h e H B A ,% say serving as 81%6 69 a volunteer K E I R of volunteers say they havehas helpedB U I L D T H taken on a new role,N E T W O R moved to a new functionor taken on a newsignificant challengeprofessionally or personally.'