b'OUR Reach. Impressions. Engagements. NET Circulation. Audiences. All significantly on the rise in 2019. The HBA leveraged social and traditional media and partnerships with like-minded WORK organizations to get in front of and connect with our stakeholder groups. We harnessed our networks also to inform journalists, bloggers,followers and readers not familiar with the HBA. As the numbers show, these opportunities provided ample visibility to showcase the power of our members, volunteers and our supportive corporate partners and Gender Parity Collaborative.t h e H B A i s o n The HBA had incredible reach, with nearly T r e n d .2 MILLIONIMPRESSIONS2(or 1,942,427 to be exact).with more than24,469THEPEOPLE NUMBEROF TIMESin our four online communities and generatedWE TRENDED 8,550 new ON TWITTERonlineconnections. IN 201914'