b'W h e r e O u r M e m b e r s L i v e 1+14+15112015113+6+4+Im tapped frequently by leaders in my organization to introduce the HBA to their direct reports. HBA has given me more executive level visibility.Europe 14% Canada .5%Unspecified 4% U.S. 82%HBA MEMBERO u r M e m b e r s S a y W h a t T o p i c s a r e Va l u a b l eLeadership development (communication, presence, negotiation skills) 64%Business issues (strategic planning, decision analysis, accountability) . 49%Career (planning, development, advancement, networking) 47%M e m b e r s S h a r e G r o w i n g O u rH B A S t r e n g t h s M e m b e r s h i p Advancing gender parity and making a differenceRadical hospitality and the HBA networkMembership leads to career progression and HBA VOLUNTEER In honor of International Womens Day (IWD), the 19leadership opportunitiesValue of volunteer opportunities HBA launched a special membership campaign.Access to mentorship opportunities T H E R E S U LT S ?The HBA is a rich resourceWE WELCOMED 150 NEWthat serves as a professionalMEMBERS AND 125 COMMITTED INDIVIDUALS RENEWEDhome across the healthcareTHEIR MEMBERSHIP,ecosystem. helping to grow and sustain our UnitedForce for Change community.'