Volunteer engagement committee

Under the guidance of the volunteer engagement director-at-large, this team is responsible for growing the individual pool of member volunteer leaders in the chapter through prospecting/recruitment and retention efforts. This role is responsible for encouraging members to engage as volunteer leaders within the chapter in order to build their leadership skills and business acumen. Additionally, this team is responsible for assuring recognition for the volunteers who engage and demonstrate clear contributions to the chapter.

Required skills include: outgoing personality to ‘meet and greet’ participants, ability to tap into creative and technology tools to connect and engage new volunteers, strong communication skills. Some project management skills to implement recognition plans.

Specific opportunities include:

  • Volunteers to help with recruitment of new volunteers and place within different committees 
  • Volunteers to help with the:
    • Intentionality evening program (March 17)
    • Mentoring launch program (March 24)
    • WIN luncheon on negotiation and effective networking (April 16)
    • Women in Transition (WIT) affinity group activities (Multiple)
    • Non-verbal advantage evening program (May 20)
    • Resilient leadership evening program (September)
    • Joint networking event with Women in Bio (October)
    • Decision-making evening program (November)
    • End of year holiday celebration and volunteer appreciation (December)

To volunteer for any of these openings send an email to Kristen Borchert.

To see all HBA volunteer opportunities for all HBA chapters visit our volunteer page.