Volunteer committee

The volunteer committee works with our members to find areas where they can get involved with HBA Atlanta.
  • Recruitment 
    • Work with DALs to determine volunteer needs on a regular basis
    • Coordinate with operations on potential volunteer assignments
    • Provide the link to the new member profile and facilitate its completion for new members
    • Participate in the membership committee new member orientation to discuss opportunities to volunteer
  • Operations
    • Maintain a volunteer database through the Surveymonkey new member profile
    • Coordinate with recruitment on potential volunteer assignments
    • Facilitate orientation and transition into committee roles with appropriate DAL from recruitment collaboration
  • Development
    • Formalize committee roles with DALs that clearly identify leadership and skill development
    • Facilitate volunteer programs to enhance leadership and skill development
  • Retention
    • Coordinate with membership committee to engage current members on volunteer opportunities
    • Solicit, collate, and present volunteer feedback to the appropriate DALs and Atlanta board to facilitate cross functional retention
    • Work to ensure at least a 90% satisfaction rate for volunteer experience
  • Recognition
    • Create multiple opportunities throughout the year to recognize contributions of volunteers
      • Recognize event volunteers at each event
      • Quarterly recognition of an outstanding volunteer
    • Develop formal criteria for recognition to increase visibility and value of volunteering

To learn more about volunteering, please email Jodie McGirt or call her at 1-770-241-5978

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