HBA Chicago-Northern Suburbs Announces March 2021 Volunteers of the Month

HBA Chicago-Northern Suburbs is pleased to announce our March 2021 Volunteers of the Month are Stephanie Fox and Margie Wolfram.

When asked to share her experience as an HBA volunteer, Stephanie told us: 
“I have had so many mentors over the years who believed in me and coached me. The HBA is a phenomenal avenue to build your extended support network.  This organization is here as a forum to help people succeed by relying on the support of their peers.  Volunteering is one of those easy ways to connect. I have found that the more you give, the more you get out of it too. I am so happy for the relationships that I have built through the HBA and look forward to all of the relationships I will continue to build over time. Each person brings a unique perspective to the discussion.

We have such a diverse group of leaders working to further the HBA mission to more people at their companies and across Chicago. It's a pleasure working with a great team to define what the corporate relations priorities are with HBA Chicago - Northern Suburbs and to begin executing on them. I look forward to seeing how HBA Chicago - Northern Suburbs continues to evolve and grow.”

When asked to share her experience as an HBA volunteer, Margie told us: 
“Volunteering at the HBA as the co-chair of the corporate relations committee with Stephanie Fox and the rest of the team has been such a great experience. We’ve been able to learn from others at the regional level both in the Midwest and Pacific.  It’s been so fun to create our strategy and goals and watch the team rally around execution.”