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How It Feels To Be In The HBA

HBA Zurich – Zug board members and volunteers are often asked about what it is like to be part of the HBA. We love organizing educational events, we look forward to learning more during these events, we like meeting people new and familiar, and it delights us to hear great feedback from members attending these events. There are so many things that we enjoy about the HBA.

When Effie Kerasidou and Ileana Mitu from BMS Switzerland invited the HBA to their Bristol Myers Squibb Network of Women (B-Now) lunch and learn session, we had the perfect opportunity to summarize all these thoughts. With 81 attendees from BMS Switzerland and Austria, we boiled it down to three strong emotions:

Empowering: Being a member of a large, supportive and serious group of like-minded individuals brings confidence. Knowing that this benefits you as a professional and it is working towards the greater good of women in healthcare gives you a sense of solidarity and progress. This combination gives you a feeling of control over your future and environment.

Enriching: This sense of security and comfort is enhanced by the ability to broaden our skills and knowledge. Volunteering for the HBA expands our expertise, allowing us to undertake functions that we do not usually have the opportunity to perform in our professional lives. Furthermore, the HBA mentoring program gives you the one-to-one coaching needed to advance in your career, from mid-term career planning to solving immediate needs.

Energizing: HBA events spark inspiration and imagination. When we participate in events, we feel both nourished by the new knowledge from the speakers and refreshed by the networking session. Often afterwards, career plans take on a renewed sense of importance, and friendships and contacts are established.

We are thankful to BMS for their time for us. The B-NOW initiative and HBA have shared values and vision. Furthermore, it thrilled us when Effie and Ileana both spoke of their positive experiences with the HBA during the session. This evokes a sense of satisfaction among us, and it is from this starting point that we continue to build a collective in Zurich - Zug that empowers, enriches and energizes.

Written by Sean Yap