We Stand in Solidarity

As our hearts are deeply saddened and our emotions are on overload with the stark racial injustice and violence we witnessed in the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the ongoing aftershocks throughout America, we ask ourselves: what can we do, what can we say?

While we understand there is no single sustainable solution to inequality, racism and discrimination, we can and will stand in solidarity with the global healthcare and all other communities.

The HBA is a “united force for change.” As an association, we have worked for more than 40 years to dismantle the barriers that stand in the way of equality, inclusion and diversity for women within the healthcare industry. We can never achieve equity for all women if we don't advocate for all women equitably, and we acknowledge that we can and certainly must do better.

In light of the current environment, the HBA is working to amplify our voice and energy to eradicate the underlying behaviors, practices and policies that create these injustices – the systemic racism – impacting people of color every day.

We are leveraging our Women of Color affinity group established in 2019 by several phenomenal HBA leaders. These women represent the very best of transformational leadership from our valued corporate partners and through their work are capturing the voices of a diverse membership.

We’re committed to listening and learning about the history that brought us to this point and how we can partner for better outcomes and for a healthier today and tomorrow—that only happens when you include all voices at the table. We would like to hear from our members.

The HBA has worked to disrupt and challenge untruths about women; we stand today doing the same for all those who are marginalized and discriminated against. No more excuses.

Laurie Cooke
HBA president and CEO

HBA Global Board of Directors:
Rebecca Vermeulen, HBA Chair
Simona King, HBA Vice-Chair
Angela Gillespie, HBA Secretary/Treasurer
Laura Butler, HBA Council of Chapter Presidents Chair
Adam Dubow, HBA Director at Large
La'Wana Harris, HBA Director at Large
Jaime Marks Corvino, HBA Director at Large
Gisela Paulsen, HBA Director at Large
Liz Paulson, HBA Director at Large
Rita Ribeiro, HBA Director at Large
Julie Ross, HBA Director at Large
Erik Smith, HBA Director at Large
Jhaymee Tynan, HBA Director at Large