Understanding Mindfulness and Compassion: A Cognitive Neuroscience

HBA London (set-up by the Cambridge fringe) hosted a great evening on 27th November, at Sosei Heptares, on “Understanding Mindfulness and Compassion: A Cognitive Neuroscience” featuring Dr. Trudi Edington.

Trudi is a clinical psychologist, a mindfulness teacher and co-director of the Centre of Excellence in Mindfulness Research at City, University of London. The session focused on sharing the science behind mindfulness; the neurobiology of stress and the neural correlates of mindfulness and compassion. Following the theory and evidence-based overview behind mindfulness, Trudi took us through two guided practices to demonstrate the gentle, yet powerful impact of present moment awareness, equanimity and compassion. Wow. It was quite an experience that had a very positive impact on us.

We came away with some suggestions on how we can integrate a little mindfulness into our day to pause, self-reflect and enhance our listening skills; whether that’s in the shower in the morning, when driving to work or at our desk during the day. The evening was a great reminder of the importance of taking care of our mental health and an opportunity to network with both new and familiar faces through the HBA. 





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