HBA Europe 2019 Volunteer Awards - Nominations

Is there someone you want to say a big thank you for their outstanding HBA volunteering work this year? If so, read on.

HBA Europe is seeking your nomination for the 2019 volunteer awards. The deadline for your nominations closes on 22 September 2019. Click on the award name below for the form to submit your nomination.

Awards will be presented at the European Leadership Summit Volunteer Get Together in Paris on Monday 7 October.

Guidance on Awards
LEAD award - the Leadership, Excellence and Dedication (LEAD) award honors a chapter or regional volunteer who has served as a volunteer for at least one year and made a significant contribution during the current calendar year, demonstrating excellence via sustained contributions.

Legacy award - presented to an HBA volunteer who has consistently demonstrated outstanding service and long-term contributions to the HBA over five years.

Marie Curie award - recognizes an innovation that has had a significant impact on the chapter or region, following through on this innovation from concept to implementation.

Everest award - honors a significant accomplishment that went above and beyond the call of duty or was considered previously impossible.

Honored Volunteer award - rewards an HBA volunteer who has demonstrated outstanding service to the chapter/region on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Spark award - a peer-to-peer monthly recognition program which honors any HBA volunteer who has distinguished themselves through “little bursts of awesomeness” in areas such as attitude, collaboration, pitching in, consistency, leadership and building community by supporting others.

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