HBA Chicago-Northern Suburbs Names Alicia Tozier as Volunteer of the Month

HBA Chicago-Northern Suburbs is pleased to announce that our August Volunteer of the Month is Alicia Tozier. When asked to share her experience as an HBA Chicago-Northern Suburbs volunteer, she said: 
“I’m flattered to be nominated for Volunteer of the Month for the HBA Chicago-Northern Suburbs. The HBA is a community, a community I value being a part of. Community, to me, is that fuzzy space between family and humanity where some of life’s most surprising and rewarding relationships happen. I was initially attracted to the HBA because of its commitment to empowering women in the workplace, but I stay involved because of what I am able to learn from the people (both women and men) who, though they come from diverse backgrounds, share my vision for a world where I can tell my daughter that not only should she aim for any profession her talent warrants, but that she can also expect to be paid the same amount for doing that job as her brother. That’s what being a part of this community means to me. It reminds me, as I strive to grow my career and pass the baton to my children a little further along the track than I received it, that there are others out there who share my values. Thank you for your time in reading this, and for all you do in making this community thrive.”